welcome to my portfolio. i am a designer and social media strategist from the midwest who believes in forming fresh ideas, transforming them into vivid concepts, and finalizing them as clean, modern, and innovate designs through print and multimedia.


Hi! I'm Kristi. Although I was raised in Indiana, the last thing you'll ever hear me refer to myself as is a Hoosier. I'm a die-hard Purdue basketball fan, and I enjoy watching Big Ten basketball in general. When I'm not cheering on my Boilers, I spend time traveling, having fun, doing crafts, and being with family and friends. I have a unique sense of humor and one of my favorite things to do is make people laugh. I love meeting new people - so please connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

On a more serious note, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana with a minor in Art and Design in May 2011. I chose to attend Purdue after graduating from Terre Haute South Vigo High School in 2007 with an Academic Honors diploma due to the prestigious reputation of the university and it's College of Technology. Aside from courses in design, multimedia, and graphics, I also enrolled in courses that introduced me to usability testing and HCI theory/design, small group virtual leadership and communication, HTML/CSS, aspects of business leadership and management and more. Since taking these courses, I have been able to apply all of these skills into my professional endeavors.

Professionally I have experience in collegiate sports design and promotions working within the Purdue Athletics department. The time spent working with Purdue, as well as my lifelong love for athletics, has driven my interests in sports marketing and business. My dream would be to work with a sports brand, helping foster the emotional connections brands have with their audience and use that to create engaging marketing campaigns that resonate with fans across multiple channels. Driven by the bottom line, I believe in creating content that is not only innovative but also results-driven.

After leaving Purdue, I was employed in the digital production industry, using programs in the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as CRM, extensively to manage graphics projects. I not only worked as an art coordinator, but also as an accounts manager to ensure jobs were completed correctly on extremely tight deadlines.

In the summer of 2012, I returned to marketing and graphic design while also integrating social media strategy into the mix. Since then, I have been involved in multiple initiatives that involve branding across several digital channels and content. Using my knowledge of SEO, HTML, CSS, and social media analytics, I have not only been designing, but also assisting the marketing team in all efforts.

A fan of networking, learning, and exploring - I'm always eager to expand my horizons. Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to learn more. I would be happy to speak with you and see how my skills could be of any help to you or your organization.



Multimedia, Social Media, Corporate Branding, and Video examples available upon request.


Concept Design | With input from multiple departments, I was able to do multiple iterations of design concepts for the new court graphics that were being installed in 2011. Following style guides and input from directors, the concept designs were created and then used to make final decisions regarding the new court paint scheme.


Print Design | Corporate Open House invitation


Digital Design | Vector illustration created used Adobe Illustrator based on the cover of a comic book.


Promotional Design | Purdue Women's Basketball playing cards distributed as part of a season long promotion.


Branding | Logo concepts created for the Mackey Celebration event that were the basis for logos used on all marketing, promotion, and design collateral during the three-day rededication ceremony at Purdue University.


Print Design | Baby shower invitation created for a freelance client.


Print Design | As a part of the Purdue Debris, which is the yearbook of Purdue University, the staff decided to experiment with a new concept of changing their annual yearbook into a bi-annual magazine format. I created this magazine in under two days so that it would be ready to print and could be given out to potential advertisers as an idea of what the more refined product would look like. All layout, design elements, and logo development were created solely by me in this publication.


Event Branding | Logo creation for a game day promotion used on promotional materials, apparel, and marketing collateral.


Promotional | Large format vinyl banner hung on a building next to the football stadium during the 2011 Purdue Football season.


Promotional | One of five billboard designs created to be placed around the state of Indiana to promote football season ticket sales.


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